What Do The Hold And Run Buttons Mean?

What Does The “Hold” Button Do On A Thermostat Control Pad?

Whether you’ve just installed a new thermostat or not, chances are you’re not really using it to its full potential. Many people don’t dive as deeply into the full functionality of modern programmable or smart thermostats as they should, only bothering to learn which buttons raise and lower the temperature.

If you’re one of those people, you could be missing out on significant energy savings. For example, what does the “hold” button do on a thermostat? Why is there another button labeled “run”? Read on to learn more about these functions and how they could help you save money.

Understanding the “Hold” Button on a Thermostat

Although there might be slight differences depending on the manufacturer, in general the “hold” button is used to lock in a specific temperature, regardless of whatever program you might have set for your system. For instance, you might have your furnace set to keep your house at 68 degrees during the winter. However, if the weather turns unseasonably warm outside, you might want to temporarily set it lower.

What Does the “Run” Button Mean on a Thermostat?

On the other hand, the “run” button is what you would use to return your system to its regular program. If, for example, the unusual warm spell you’re experiencing is over and the weather goes back to being frigid, this button tells your HVAC to go back to its original plan of keeping the house at 68 degrees.

How These Settings Can Save You Money

Programming your thermostat to adjust automatically based on the time of day means you’re less likely to waste energy by heating or cooling your home when you don’t need to. But this is based on the idea that your routine is always the same from day to day. Using the “hold” function on your system means you can suspend the program if you’ll be away from home for a while, such as while you’re on vacation. This means you can tell your HVAC to stay put at a specific temperature to keep your pipes from freezing in winter but as warm as you want it to be for comfort. This prevents your system from cycling on and off as often and keeps your energy bills lower. Once you return home, you can simply push the “run” button and have everything back to the way it was.

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