What Is The Best Type Of Furnace Filter To Use?

What Is The Best Type Of Furnace Filter To Use?

Furnace filters are an important component of your HVAC system. They collect and trap dust, pet dander and other particulates so they aren’t blown into your home and impact your indoor air quality. However, there are several different types of filters that offer their own unique pros and cons. So, what is the best type of furnace filter to use? Do better furnace filters make a difference when it comes to indoor air quality? Are better furnace filters worth it? Read on for a quick primer on the various options available to you.

Pleated Filters

Made from pleated sheets, these can be highly effective at trapping contaminants. Those made from cotton tend to do a better job than ones made from polyester. When comparing pleated filters vs. fiberglass, these are a more expensive but better performing choice.

Fiberglass Filters

Generally, the least expensive options available, these are made from spun fiberglass and are disposable. Unless you experience a lot of issues with dust and allergens in your home, the choice between fiberglass air filters vs. pleated ones could come down to simple economics.

Washable Fabric Filters

Washable filters can be reused and can be made of natural hog’s hair as well as synthetic fibers. One of the best reasons to buy rinseable or hog air filters vs. pleated or fiberglass is that they can be rinsed out and used again. However, many have noted that washable filters can develop bacterial and mold growth if they’re not properly maintained.

HEPA Filters

These represent the strongest level of filtration on the market, capable of capturing even extremely small particulates. This makes them ideal for households with people who suffer from asthma or extreme allergies. On the other hand, their thickness means they are not suited for HVAC systems that aren’t configured specifically for them. Make sure your equipment is rated for HEPA filters before committing to them.

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